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The Institute of Continuing Education was established in 2020 after the reorganization of the Faculty of Additional Education and Professional Retraining (until 2019 — the Faculty of Additional Education of Specialists). The Institute develops and implements additional education programs for all categories of citizens: from primary school to postgraduates and older people. We provide our students with a high-quality system of personal and professional development that is accessible to everyone. The main goal of the Institute of Continuing Education is lifelong learning and the realization of the creative potential of students using variable and flexible methods and forms of training.

Teaching staff:

We are proud of our teaching staff. We employ the best specialists in the humanities and linguistic education. Our teachers are:

  • competent, highly qualified specialists;
  • PhDs and Doctors of Science;
  • authors of textbooks and unique techniques;
  • practicing teachers with innovative teaching technologies;
  • specialists with extensive language experience in the field of foreign languages;
  • teachers with rich experience in international internships.

Our target groups:

The Institute of Continuing Education offers training courses for the general public. We train:

  • primary and secondary school children;
  • senior school children;
  • students;
  • adult learners;
  • teachers.

Foreign language courses:

We professionally teach foreign languages to children and adults.

23+ foreign languages, of which 14 can be studied with native speaker professors.

Annual programs, express courses, intensive courses: we offer programs that vary in duration and cost.

We teach according to the author's methods, combining modern achievements and a century of experience in teaching a foreign language.

Contact the institute

ul. Minina 31а, Building 3, room 3101

+7 (831) 416-60-98 / +7 920 067-99-30

+7 (831) 416-60-47 / +7 920 067-99-37

E-mail: ino.lunn@yandex.ru