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Research is one of the core activities of LUNN faculty and students. LUNN research is organized and arranged in due accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and the university’s Mission and Policy.

We welcome overseas partners to participate in joint research in Humanities. Please check our Joint Research page for more details.

LUNN operates the work of two Dissertation Committees on awarding Standard and Higher Research Degrees. Please see the page on our website for more details.

If you would like to publish a paper in LUNN Journal, please check the relevant page of our website.

LUNN conducts fundamental scientific research, applied research and exploratory development in the areas that correspond to the scope of Humanities taught and explored in the university, such as Linguistics, Teaching Foreign Languages, Social Studies, Political Science and other.

We welcome universities and other organizations to conduct joint research in these areas. This may include cooperation in joint grants from Russian and foreign funds as well as public and private organizations.

For more information, please contact our Department for Science and Research at unid@lunn.ruavchanchina@lunn.ru 

The latest update: 01.04.2024
A person responsible for the information: 
Anna M. Gorokhova, first vice-rector - 
vice-rector for youth policy and international cooperation, 
+7 (831) 416 60 05