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Информация о поступлении для абитуриентов из стран ближнего зарубежья и СНГ

Приказ Минобрнауки России от 03.11.2020 N 1378 "Об утверждении Порядка отбора иностранных граждан и лиц без гражданства на обучение в пределах установленной Правительством Российской Федерации квоты на образование иностранных граждан и лиц без гражданства в Российской Федерации, а также предъявляемых к ним требований" 

Правила прохождения дактилоскопии
Fingerprinting procedure regulations
Fingerprinting procedure regulations (in Arabic language)

Admission Campaign 2021 (General Information) in English language
Zulassung ausländischer Staatsbürgerinnen zu Studienplätzen der Bachelor-, Spezialisten- oder Masterstudiengänge (Allgemeine Informationen)
Admission campaign 2021 (General Information) in Arabic language
Сampagne d'inscription 2021 (Informations générales)
Admission Campaign 2021 (General Information) in Chinese language
Приемная кампания 2021 (Общая информация)

Section ADMISSION in Arabic language
Section ADMISSION in French language

LUNN welcomes all international students and provides a number of services to help them get a Russian student visa. Please read this page and the relevant subsections to be advised on the applicable regulations and procedures.

Available Education Programs and their cost in Arabic 2021-2022

Bachelors Degree

In 2021-2022 academic year will be launched a new program taught in English language: 45.03.02 Linguistics (profile: English for Cross-Cultural Communication taught in English language)

In 2020-2021 academic year is launched one program taught in English language: 45.03.01 Philology (profile: Applied Philology)

Specialists Degree

Masters Degree 

In 2020-2021 academic year are launched two programs taught in English language:

44.04.01 Teacher Education (MA program: Educational Development and Cross-Cultural Communication)

45.04.02 Linguistics (MA program: Linguistic Support of Export Activities)

Standard admission procedures include the following steps:

1. select the educational program you wish to study at LUNN (contact the university for more information on the program and the relevant procedures);
2. write a letter of application using the https://lunn.ru/media/Megd_otn/application_letter.doc;
3. send the letter of application together with the package of other documents to LUNN Division for International Affairs via khalimulinar@lunn.ru (Documents);
4. get response and follow the instructions;
5. get an invitation and obtain the student visa to the Russian Federation;
6. contact LUNN Division for International Affairs to notify the university about your date, time and port of arrival in Russia and Nizhny Novgorod;
7. arrive at LUNN and come to Division for International Affairs  the next day (unless it is a weekend or a legal holiday, in which case you need to come to the office the next working day).

If you come to LUNN as a participant of an Academic Mobility Program, please read and follow our Academic Mobility Regulation 
For more information on admissions and visa support, please contact us at khalimuliar@lunn.ru.

Guide to Entering the University for Foreign Citizens

Step 1. Choose the major program here :





Step 2If you need a course of Russian, do not hesitate to contact makshan@lunn.ru or khalimuliar@lunn.ru .

Step 3. Collect the documents: http://www.lunn.ru/en/page/documents  

Attention! Foreign citizens living abroad as Russian compatriots (descendants of Russian compatriots) are also to provide the copy of the birth certificate and the copies of those of the parents.

Step 4. Provide the documents to the Admission Board using your personal account on our website (will be available later). If you experience difficulties with providing documents via/through your personal account at LUNN’s web-site you may just send them directly by e-mail priem@lunn.ru to Mrs. Prokopieva Nadezhda, executive Secretary of the Admission Board. In all your correspondence necessarily put in cc: khalimuliar@lunn.ru.

Step 5. Pass the entrance exams (will be available by June 1, 2021)

Regulations for passing entrance exams using online technologies are here in English (in Russian).

Attention! Foreign citizens living abroad as Russian compatriots (descendants of Russian compatriots) have a right to apply for studies on a state-funding basis. To enter a BA or a specialist program they are to pass three entrance exams to apply for the state-funded places on equal terms with Russian citizens. Foreign citizens entering BA or specialist programs on a self-funding basis are to pass two entrance exams, in a foreign language and in Russian. Foreign citizens entering a MA program are to pass one entrance exam.

See here the procedure of the exam in Russian for a BA or specialist program for foreign citizens having a right to apply for state-funded places.

Attention! Foreign citizens entering a BA or specialist program on a self-funding basis are to pass a test in Russian as a foreign language. See the examples here: https://www.pushkin.institute/Certificates/CCT/tests-online.php  

Those who enter a MA program are to pass one exam (see the procedure here in English (in Russian).

Step 6. If you have successfully passed the exams, fill in and sign the Enrollment Agreement (the link will be published alongside with the start of the admission).

Step 7. To be enrolled on a self-funding basis, sign a contract (the details will be published alongside with the start of the admission).

Step 8. Arrive at the Dobrolyubov Linguistics University by the start of the academic year.

Step 9. On arrival in Nizhny Novgorod address the Division for International Affairs (DIA) of the Linguistics University. Deputy Head of the DIA is Alexander Khalimullin.

Step 10. Get acquainted with migration rules, learn them and strictly comply with these rules:

Migration rules (in Russian language)

Migration rules (in English language)

Migration rules (in French language)

Migration rules (in Arabic language)

Migration rules (in Chinese language)


Nizhny Novgorod,

Minin Street, 31a, build. 3, off. 3219, 3212

Phone/fax: +7(831)416-6112; +7(831)416-6055

Working hours: 9.00 -18.00 ( Mon - Fri)

How to get to the University by Public Transport:

From airport – Route taxi 46 up to “Sennya Ploshad” stop;

From railway station: bus R-19 and route taxi-40 up to “NIITO” stop;

From city bus station: bus-R-2 and route taxi-14 up to “Ploshad Sennya” stop

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