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WELCOME to the Linguistics University of Nizhny Novgorod (LUNN)! LUNN is a state-of-the-art educational environment founded in 1917, that combines century-old traditions and innovations of world-class linguistic education.

The university is situated in the very heart of Russia, in a remarkably beautiful ancient Russian city called Nizhny Novgorod, which celebrated its 800th anniversary in 2021. Enjoy a most picturesque location and inspiring multilingual and multicultural atmosphere with lots of events, breathtaking sights and new trajectories.

The Linguistics University is about:


Bachelor, specialist, master degrees in most demanded cross-cultural and communicative fields. Short-term programs and courses, summer and winter language schools, postgraduate programs lavishing you with hundreds of career prospects.

Efficient PRE-UNIVERSITY TRAINING enables students to enter any Russian university afterwards and keep on expanding their professional outlook.


Join our social nets and messengers with daily updates, as well as a target English-language Telegram-channel. LUNN students have access to a special electronic educational platform, where they can study electronic interactive courses provided by the qualified LUNN faculty.


The university has over 90 partner agreements and MoUs with universities around the world meaning a whole new world of opportunities.


All the 4 buildings are located in the historical centre of the city. Everything’s at hand including two comfortable dormitories. ~ 4000 students study at LUNN which makes the environment thrice as cosy and helps to build individual educational and extracurricular trajectories. You are welcome to join our youth team and participate in 3000+ international youth events annually!

LUNN in facts and figures:

  • 300 places for foreign students via Rossotrudnichestvo
  • 25+ foreign languages (western and oriental, including rare ones), proficient linguistic and cross-cultural training for further education in Russia
  • 12 cultural and educational centers, 9 international science and research laboratories
  • 17 specialties including programs taught in English
  • expert teaching staff (11% of native speaker professors, over 80% of the faculty have PhD and Doctorate degrees)
  • winning academic mobility and joint scientific research programs
  • flexible cross-cultural, project management, networking and EdTech competences
  • internalization of scientific and pedagogical activities
  • breakthrough models of pre-university training, career orientation and life-long learning

LUNN is a national venue of multilingual inter-civilisation communication «LUNN Boiling Point», global youth leadership hub, federal innovative platform, local foreign citizens’ testing center, international event coordination center, sociocultural accelerator, a cognitive and language security national platform. 

The Linguistics University of Nizhny Novgorod is one of the leaders in promoting the Russian language abroad. It provides quality training of foreign students and opens Russian educational centers in the countries of South-East Asia.

Scientific and applied research works in the fields of linguistics, philology, translatology, international relations, linguistic security, world economy, and cross-cultural communication ensure high prestigious ratings of the Linguistics University at the international and national levels.

The University participation in professional communities and international organizations, expert and analytical work result in efficient industrial and educational cooperation.

Today ~ 4000 students from 130 countries study at LUNN, form flexible modern competences, which make them highly demanded specialists in any sphere worldwide.

Our well-qualified professors with years of experience provide excellent training and use both traditionally effective and innovative teaching methods and materials.

Our students speak, read, listen, write and even think in Russian every day! We invite our international students to take part in festivals, conferences, competitions and other activities such as city and field trips, visits to museums, theaters and art galleries. They all help our students understand Russia deeper and master the Russian language better.

The programs are aimed at students with different language proficiency levels. We always take into account students’ preferences and interests as well as the duration of the tuition period they want.

Upon the completion of each program, we issue a standard-form Certificate and, optionally, a Grade Report Sheet.

Please browse through the menu to select out of the many educational options for international students that we offer.

If you cannot find a program that meets your requirements, do not hesitate to write to us and we will design one especially for you! 

Please, also be advised on the visa and enrolment procedures and check out our Admissions & Visa Support page.

If you have any questions about studying Russian at LUNN or would like to apply for one of the programs, please write to us at priem@lunn.ru or makshan@lunn.ru.

The Linguistics University of Nizhny Novgorod is about BOUTIQUE WORLD EDUCATION which unleashes your potential and takes you to your best possible future right from the start!

The latest update: 25.05.2023

A person responsible for the information: Anna M. Gorokhova, 

first vice-rector - vice-rector for youth policy and international cooperation, 

+7 (831) 416 60 05