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The Linguistics University of Nizhny Novgorod was founded in 1937 on the base of the language courses which had been working since 1917. That is why in 2017 the University celebrated its 100 years anniversary. It boasts thousands of highly qualified alumni with excellent careers in science and business, culture and education.  
Our employers are institutions of school and higher education, international enterprises such as large automobile companies (Volkswagen, Skoda, KAMAZ) or INTEL, financial institutions, administrative bodies of municipal, regional and federal levels including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, media, international organizations such as UN, UNESCO, Counsel of Europe, European Court of Human Rights.
LUNN is:

  • About 3000 students
  • Over 50 education programs
  • Over 250 highly qualified professors, over 70 per cent PhD
  • 13 foreign languages and a comprehensive education in the Russian language
  • Partnerships with leading educational institutions of Europe, Asia, and America
  • Modern environment
  • Library with 750,000 volumes
  • Well-known scientific schools, large research projects, international conferences