Цветовая схема

Students’ Organizations

1.    Students Union

2.    LUNN Academical Choir (The People’s Artistic Group of Russia)

3.    “LGUN” Students Drama Club

4.    LUNN Volunteer Corps “iVo-LUNN-teer” and the Regional Club of Sports Volunteers «SportActive»

5.    “Blue Flax” Folklore and Ethnographic Ensemble

6.    LUNN Students Sports Club

7.    “RespekT” Students Pedagogical Team

8.    “Linguist” Students Radiostation

9.    “Linguist” Electronic Students Newspaper

10. LUNN Cheerleading Club

11. “Homeeco” Ecological Club

12. “Disney” Students Service Team

13. “LinTime” Students TV

14. “L Dance” Dance Club

15. Methodological Club of Young Foreign Language Teachers

16. “ELEGANTE” Dance Club

17. Students Scientific and Discussion Club “Rostrum”

18. Russian Union of Youth Club at LUNN

19. Students International Club “LUNN Globe”

20. “Robinson” Tourists Club