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Soft-Mapping School: project navigator for developing soft skills   

The project navigator “SMS” has been implemented at the LUNN since 2010.

It is an integrated multifunctional area designed for modelling a vast soft skills spectrum of students pursuing a degree in Humanities:

  • responsibility,
  • operational thinking,
  • project management and self-management,
  • leadership,
  • motivation and self-motivation,
  • digital literacy,
  • network management,
  • ability to work in the international environment,
  • multilingualism, multiculturalism and as a result, deep understanding and interpretation of multilayered ethno-cultural situational and behavioral contexts, etc.

Altogether, these soft-skills listed above contribute to effective international interaction, mentoring, partnership and harmonious development of students.

The project navigator is personalized, that allows every student to determine their individual soft-skill track, both qualitative and quantitative, among the alternatives for boosting soft skills:

​World Festival of Youth and Students “In This Big World”;

  • International Mentoring Art Project for Youth “World Song”;
  • International Volunteering School “iVo-LUNN-teer” and interuniversity training for developing student council and project activities “Lider”;
  • International Choir Assembly “Coro di Linguisti”;
  • International Youth Mobile Film Festival “DOBRO & LUBOV”;
  • International Youth Educational Forum “Youth Chooses LIFE”;
  • International Eco-Forum #HomEco;
  • Interactive Students Channel #LUNNOnAri, etc.

The project navigator keeps transforming and actualizing based on the value-based, professional and personal attitude of the youth.

The most important practices of the students’ project activities at the LUNN:

Agenda for development of student associations in 2017

State Competitions of youth projects held among institutions of higher education and individuals