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Standard and Higher Doctorate Research Degrees

For the successful conferment of Standard or Higher Doctorate Degree graduates, apart from passing the relevant educational program, you need to write and successfully present to the board a research paper (thesis) on the selected scientific topic. A number of works in rated and indexed scientific and research periodicals must also published.

LUNN offers 12 full-time standard doctorate degree programs:

  • Computer Science & Computation (profile: Theoretical Basics of Computer Science)
  • psychological Sciences (profile: Educational Psychology)
  • Political Science & Regional Studies (profile: Political Institutes, Processes, and Technology)
  • Education and Pedagogical Science (profile: Theory and Practice of Teaching and Up Bringing)
  • Linguistics and Literature Studies (profile: Germanic Languages)
  • Linguistics and Literature Studies (profile: Romanic Languages)
  • Linguistics and Literature Studies (profile: Comparative-Historical, Typological and Contrastive Linguistics)
  • Linguistics and Literature Studies (profile: The Russian Language)
  • Linguistics and Literature Studies (profile: Foreign Literature (Europe and the USA))
  • Historical Studies and Archeology (profile: General History (History of Ancient Greece and Rome))
  • Philosophy, Ethics and Religious Studies (profile: Social Philosophy)

LUNN operates 2 dissertation boards in 3 research areas for standard and higher doctorate degrees thesis presentation:

  • Germanic Languages
  • Foreign Literature
  • Theory and Methodology of Education and Upbringing

Academic programs are provided both on a paid and free-of-charge bases. For more information on financial options in Russian higher education, please visit this page of the official Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education website for international students (https://studyinrussia.ru/en/).

For more information on the Standard and Higher Doctorate degree programs, including the yearly tuition fees, please contact us at interedu@lunn.ru or use our Write to us online form.

Feel free to use these contacts to ask questions, make inquiries and propose suggestions.

Please also see our Admission & Visa Support page to be advised on Russian visa and LUNN admission procedures.