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Information for authors

Vestnik LUNN accepts manuscripts in Russian, English, German, and French. Articles must be either approved for publication or rejected no later than two months after the registered date of their submission. Decisions about publication are based on manuscripts’ reviews by independent experts.

Submission deadlines are 1 March, 1 June, 1 September, and 1 December. The editor’s office cannot guarantee that materials submitted and approved for publication will be included in any specific issue of the quarterly.

If an article is rejected, the author receives a letter of explanation and recommendations for corrections and improvements, and can re-submit the article after making the necessary revisions.

Authors are expected to submit the following:

  • Application for Publication (all the fields must be filled out; the author must personally sign the application as well as the enclosed Permission to Publish Personal Information);
  • Full text of the article, both in printed and electronic formats; the printed copy must bear the author’s personal signature.
  • Application from the university, university department, or the research institution where the research was conducted.
  • License agreement between the author and LUNN about transferring non-exclusive rights for use of the publication (two copies)
  • Article Review Agreement (2 copies)
  • Work Acceptance Certificate for the article review (2 copies)
  • Publication Agreement (2 copies)
  • Work Acceptance Certificate for publishing the article (2 copies).
  • NOTE: The final cost of the publication is specified by the publisher, NOT the author. Leave the field blank.
  • Receipt of payment for reviewing the article (1,500 rubles)

Graduate students are also asked to submit proof of their graduate student status and an evaluation / recommendation from their dissertation advisor.

Only complete application packets are accepted.

If an article is rejected, the author receives a letter of explanation with clearly stated and substantiated reasons for rejecting the manuscript as well as recommendations for corrections and improvements. The author can re-submit the article after making the necessary revisions. The application packet must be complete and must include a receipt of payment for the second review.

Graduate students’ articles must not exceed eight pages.

Articles are published in the order of their submission (on the first come, first serve basis). Articles, submitted by graduate students, are reviewed and published free of charge, and their authors receive one free copy of Vestnik LUNN with their publication.. In all other cases, publication cost for one page of the author’s manuscript is 500 rubles, and authors receive one copy of Vestnik LUNN with their publication. All the mandatory and supplementary services provided by LUNN as well as the full cost of the article’s publication must be specified in the Publication Agreement.

Manuscripts and all accompanying documents are sent for review and publication only after LUNN receives notice of full payment according to the Publication Agreement. Payments can be made with a payment order at any bank or at LUNN’s cashier office.

Authors will receive no honoraria for their submissions. Manuscripts and supporting documents will not be returned.

Subscriptions to the journal are available in all post offices of the Russian Federation (No. 41953 in the United Russian Press Catalog).

Please submit your articles by mail at the following address: 

Vestnik LUNN Editor’s Office

The Linguistics University of Nizhny Novgorod,

Office 3208, Minin Str., 31a,

Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, 603155

Phone.: +7(831) 436-18-40

Fax: +7(831) 436-20-49

E-mail: vestnik.nglu@mail.ru