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Visa Support

Please read and observe these Migration Rules of the Russian Federation

1. Registration in Nizhniy Novgorod

The next day after your arrival (excluding weekends) you have to bring the following documents to the International Relations Office (room 3206, phone +7-831-436-20-49):

  • passport,
  • migration card,
  • travel documents (tickets to Nizhniy Novgorod),
  • university registration fee (900 rubles),

copies of all the pages in your passport and the migration card.

The registration is OBLIGATORY for all international students!

2. Your documents in Russia

Please make COPIES of the following documents and keep them with you AT ALL TIMES:

  • passport,
  • valid Russian visa,
  • migration card,
  • registration slip.

Original documents are better to be kept at home.

3.  Your visa:

  • Incoming LUNN students obtain a STUDENT VISA which is based on LUNN invitation. This means that YOU CAN NOT WORK during your studies at the university. Under the LAW foreign students are NOT ALLOWED TO WORK
  • The visa you obtained in your country of residence is SINGLE ENTRY. It is valid for 90 days. If you plan to study for more than 90 days, then, after we are duly notified, we will extend this visa till the end of your Learning Agreement with University.
  • You MUST leave Russia before your visa expires.

4. Visa Extension

If you want to study at LUNN for more than 90 days, you need to:

  • Inform the relevant department (dean’s office) and the International Relations Office (room 3206, phone +7831-436-20-49, petrovapr@lunn.ru) 45 days BEFORE your visa expiration date.
  • Sign the Learning Agreement with University 45 days BEFORE your visa expiration date.
  • Bring to International Office the following documents:
  • Learning Agreement copy;
  • Medical insurance copy;
  • Passport, valid visa, the migration card, the registration slip;
  • Application form for visa (to be filled in at International Relations Office);
  • State visa extension fee of RUB 1600.

5. Travelling in Russia

If you decide to travel in Russia during your stay, please, INFORM the International Relations Office and fill in the special form about your departure.

Under the LAW you have the right to stay on the territory of any town or city of the Russian Federation for 7 days WITHOUT REGISTRATION. If your journey takes more than 7 days, you must register at the place of your stay. If you stay at a hotel, they will register you BY DEFAULT. In this case your registration in Nizhniy Novgorod STOPS. It also stops if you leave the territory of the Russian Federation. This is why on your return in Nizhny Novgorod you MUST obtain a new registration in Nizhniy Novgorod.

If your stay is less than 7 working days show the relevant staff your registration slip proving your registration in Nizhny Novgorod so that they do not start a new registration.

Please take ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS with you on your trip. Please keep the travel tickets, the hotel registration and information about the address of your stay in other places to show it to the International Relations Officer when you return.

6. Loss of documents, change of residence or mobile phone number, disputes:

Please IMMEDIATELY inform the relevant department and International Relations Office about any of these events so that we can help you!

International Relations Office (+7831-436-20-49).

Please, remember! While you are here, we are responsible for you and are ready to help in any situation!