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Study Russian at LUNN

LUNN is a recognized international center for training specialists with professional knowledge of foreign languages. Our university enjoys rich and successful experience in organizing courses, internships and exchange programs for international students.

If you are interested in learning Russian as a foreign language LUNN is, perhaps, one of the best options!

Our well-qualified professors with years of experience provide excellent training and use both traditionally effective and innovative teaching methods and materials.

Our students speak, read, listen, write and even think in Russian every day! We invite our international students to take part in festivals, conferences, competitions and other activities such as city and field trips, visits to museums, theaters and art galleries. They all help our students understand Russia deeper and master the Russian language better.

The programs are aimed at students with different language proficiency levels. We always take into account students’ preferences and interests as well as the duration of the tuition period they want.

Upon the completion of each program, we issue a standard-form Certificate and, optionally, a Grade Report Sheet.

Please browse through the menu above to select out of the many educational options for international students that we offer.

If you cannot find a program that meets your requirements, do not hesitate to write to us and we will design one especially for you! 

Please, also be advised on the visa and enrolment procedures and check out our Admissions & Visa Support page.

If you have any questions about studying Russian at LUNN or would like to apply for one of the programs, please write to us at makshan@lunn.ru or khalimulinar@lunn.ru