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Russian Language Courses

LUNN International Students Department arranges and runs Russian Language and Culture courses. A high level of education is provided by qualified and experienced professors who use both traditionally effective and innovative teaching methods and materials.

The courses may include (but not limited to):

  • Different intended degrees of proficiency in the Russian language.
  • Various periods of study, from 3 weeks to 1 academic year (as well as exchange education).
  • Communication with Russian students in class and during extracurricular activities.
  • Cultural and educational programs supporting the main course, including visits to museums, theaters, concerts, as well as trips to nearby towns with a bright national, cultural and historical color, such as Gorodets, Suzdal, Semyonov, Boldino, Balakhna.
  • An opportunity to stay in LUNN dorm or in a Russian host family (to be chosen by the student).
  • An individual approach to each student and his/her needs.
  • Group and individual classes.
  • Lectures on Russian history, culture, literature, stylistics of the Russian language etc. are delivered in Russian, English, German, French.
  • A pre-university preparatory course (see more details here).
  • An opportunity to take the Test of Russian as a Foreign Language (TORFL) (after passing the test a state-recognized certificate is issued).

We always give due consideration of the students’ individual preferences and interests and match the specialty and scope of the course to them.

The following subjects in the Russian language, literature and culture are available for international students:

1. Intensive Introductory Course of the Russian Language;

2. Adaptation Course of the Russian Language;

3. Speech Practice;

4. Grammar;

5. Phonetics;

6. Syntax;

7. Business Communication in Russian;

8. The Russian Language in the Tourist Industry;

9. Practical Stylistics of the Russian Language;

10. Speech Etiquette;

11. The Russian Language in the Media;

12. Corrective Courses on Various Language Aspects;

13. A Communicative Course of the Russian Language;

14. The Russian Language as a Part of Intercultural Communication;

15. Russian Communicative Behavior;

16. Russian Literature (from folklore to the turn of the XIX - XX centuries);

17. The World of Russian Fairy Tale;

18. Country Studies of Russia;

19. The Concepts Sphere of the Russian World;

20. Theory and Practice of Translation.

A standard-form certificate and an academic record shall be issued upon the completion of any course.

The cost usually depends on the course duration, the number of students in a group, the number of subjects, the amount of time given for each subject, accommodation options, etc.

For more information on the cost of the courses please contact us at makshan@lunn.ru or use our Write to us online form. 

Feel free to use the contacts to ask questions, make inquiries and propose suggestions.

Please also see our Admission & Visa Support page to be advised on Russian visa and LUNN admission procedures.