Majors & Courses

  Linguistics University of Nizhny Novgorod is a well-known state-accredited higher education institution which enjoys a 100-year-old history of training specialists with excellent knowledge and high proficiency in foreign languages.

  Our graduates work in almost every sphere of economy both in public and business organizations, including the UN, Strasbourg Court, multinational corporations, local and federal authorities etc.

  Today, the university combines the best features and practices of both the Bologna and traditional Russian educational systems and provides academic programs at all levels of higher and postgraduate education that are available in Russia: Bachelor’s, Master’s, Specialist’s, Standard Doctorate, and Higher Doctorate degrees.

  Academic programs are provided both on a paid and free-of-charge bases.

  The free-of-charge education is available to those international students who have been awarded state scholarships by the Russian Government or have won the right for state-funded education as the result of fair competition with the Russian nationals. For more information on financial options in Russian higher education, please visit this page of the official Russian Ministry of Education and Science website for international students (

  Please visit our Admission & Visa Support page to be advised on Russian visa and LUNN admission procedures.

  All tuition is conducted in Russian (with occasional exceptions).

  The level of the Russian language proficiency allowing native speakers of other languages to study comfortably (with no language barriers) is B1 (or The First Certificate Level) according the Common Russian Language State Certification System “Test of Russian as a Foreign Language” (TORFL). For more information on TORFL please visit our TORFL page.

  If your Russian language proficiency level is not B1 or higher, we recommend taking our Pre-University Preparatory Courses before applying for a major educational program. Pre-University Preparatory Courses are also provided both on a paid and free-of-charge bases. Visit the page for more details.