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Admission & Visa Support

LUNN welcomes all international students and provides a number of services to help them get a Russian student visa. Please read this page and the relevant subsections to be advised on the applicable regulations and procedures.

Standard admission procedures include the following steps:

  1. select the educational program you wish to take at LUNN (contact the university for more information on the program and the relevant procedures);
  2. write a letter of application using the https://lunn.ru/media/Megd_otn/application_letter.doc;
  3. send the letter of application together with the package of other documents to LUNN Division for International Affairs via khalimulinar@lunn.ru;
  4. get response and follow the instructions;
  5. get an invitation and obtain the student visa to the Russian Federation;
  6. contact LUNN Division for International Affairs to notify the university about your date, time and port of arrival in Russia and Nizhny Novgorod;
  7. arrive at LUNN and come to Division for International Affairs  the next day (unless it is a weekend or a legal holiday, in which case you need to come to the office the next working day).

If you come to LUNN as a participant of an Academic Mobility Program, please read and follow our Academic Mobility Regulation.

For more information on admissions and visa support, please contact us at khalimulinar@lunn.ru.